Shrub & Grub is an Artisan Bakery that produces the finest bread and pastries without compromise. We are not your average bakery, we distinguish our methods and craftsmanship as an artisan bakery – our bread is genuinely crafted by hand, using only pure, clean and fresh flour, water, salt and yeast. Nothing added to make it either cheaper to produce or allow it to live longer. We take our time baking our bread and we are sure you will agree that the extra attention is what sets our bread apart.


What we do...

Many know about the way a sourdough loaf is baked, with a starter that can be many years old through to a new starter that can be days old. This method of having flour and water react over time develops a unique texture and nurtures flavours. This in mind, we use this process with all our breads whether it be a simple white farmhouse life, or a speciality recipe.

Alan has been baking for the community for a number of years, when given the opportunity to bake at our fully equipped bakery open plan in style located in an impressive farm environment with picturesque views all round. Jeff (The organic baker that built the bakery for an organic vegetable box delivery company) spent a few weeks, (maybe a couple of months) with Alan on techniques, heating and storing equipment and so forth. Now we have a family of marvellous hands that craft the dough into a loaf of bread baked specifically for you.

Proud to be craftsmen in the baking industry, we pride ourselves in baking products that are not readily available in and around Lincolnshire.

Not only do we bake, we love helping and advising bakers in any way we can, we love to hear and exchange values on food quality and we endeavour to ensure you cannot get a better loaf locally, delivered to your door.

We love good quality. We understand the ever-growing need for better quality. We hear stories of diets to watch sugar levels, calorie watching, and other ideals. We also see medication for all sorts of issues all of which can be generated from poor quality food.



The Packing room Cafe and Deli opened the doors for business January 2015. The Shrub and Grub bakery has moved all the packing materials out of a store room that has been converted into a modern seating area that serves hot and cold food, drinks and all sorts of tastiness in the deli.

The menu offers are ever changing and really show the ethos of quality food cooked properly and served with the greatest of care. Both Alan, and Nate cannot stand the idea of food that is kept warm for serving or bought in to be cooked "fresh". Everything cooked for the Cafe is freshly prepared and made to order.

Coffee and loose leaf tea are always a favourite with freshly baked scones, pastries and pasties. So if you are looking for a place to catch up with friends for a light bite, or need a full lunch - come and check the cafe and deli out. We are open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays  8am - 4pm.

Our conversion currently offers 4 tables of 4, so feel free to book a table on 01529 421 280 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.